What WW Trust Members are already saying…..

Within the first 24 hours of our announcement going out to Trust Members, many of them have been in touch by email, telephone, Twitter or other means to express positive support and offers of help.

These are just some of the comments received so far:

 – May I say how delighted I am that we have our club back, and express my gratitude to all involved for making it happen. As a founder shareholder and “no” voter back in 2009 I wasn’t sure we would ever see this day again so am absolutely ecstatic.

 – I would crawl to that (Monday’s Trust Members’) meeting. Many thanks to you and all the committee for bringing us through.   A magnificent achievement.   Forget the future for a moment and take pride and pleasure in what you have delivered to the fans.

 – Congratulations, fantastic news.

 – Living in Yorkshire I’ve drifted further and further from the club since the Hayes takeover, but this has renewed my enthusiasm no end! 

 – Brilliant news, I am sure I speak for all Wanderers fans when I say how grateful we are for the incredible amount of work you have put in. If the club need any volunteers for match days please let me know. I don’t have spare cash to contribute to the club but I do have time. 

 – Absolutely delighted, please give my regards and congratulations to all involved. 

 - Congratulations to you and the team. I have some idea of how hard you will have had to work over recent weeks (and of how hard you will have to work from now on as well!). I hope the supporters, and the community at large, recognise what you’ve managed to do.Best wishes, and well done. 

 – Absolutely fantastic news – well done

 – Have been saying for years we need to run to a break even budget. Delighted you guys agree that is where we must end up. 

If you feel you can help in any way, with your time, money or any particular skills, then get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or come along to one of the arranged meetings – see article below.


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