Great Work by the Adams Park Family of Volunteers

More excellent work was put in by a good sized group of Wycombe fans on Sunday afternoon who continued the tidying up Adams Park.

A new flag is now proudly flying from the flagpole and replaces the rather tatty one that had been there. This task was achieved by club stalwarts Harold Lunnon and John Derben.

Another group of supporters (pictured right) continued the re-painting of the gates moved from our previous ground in the town and which now stand at the entrance to the upper car park. This task still has to be completed as the letters of Loakes Park will be painted in gold, once the black paint has dried!

As in previous sessions, more great work was done on more of the various grass banks, cutting back shrubs and digging out old roots.

However we have planted a new tree as well!


Hopefully fans have also noted the painting of the main entrance gates to Adams Park – in light and dark blue sections.

Just a shame that much of this is now hidden by commercial banners!

It is hoped that more sessions like the three organised recently will be held in the spring once the weather improves and the grass starts to grow!

Thanks to all who turned up today and to any of the earlier sessions. You know who you are! Take pride in what you have achieved for your club!


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