Game On….and Won. Thanks to you all.

Fans 19.1.13Trust members and other fans did a terrific job on Saturday clearing snow to get the game on.

A digger with snow shovel was brought in to help clear the lower car park.

The pitch was clear of snow and very green thanks to the work of the under soil heating system.

Then the team went out and did their bit with a terrific 1-0 win over Dagenham and Redbridge. Sam Wood scored the only goal after 32 mins.

WWFC Director and OWWSA Chairman John Derben has issued this message to the volunteers:-

“Everyone  This is a THANKYOU  to all the volunteers who enabled the game to go ahead .  Without you the game would have been postponed.  We did not do it alone all the staff joined in and the whole operation led by a very determined Stan ( who lives in Northampton and travelled down in the early hours to get ready for the referees inspection at 8.30 am) worked together as a team to achieve what most 2nd Division grounds failed to do. So Wycombe Wanderers does not just have a good team on the field but a great one off it. CONGRATULATIONS we are planning to do more to help the Club over the next few months and will keep in touch as ideas progress. Thanks to all of you for your continued support”  


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