Small Team Makes a Huge Difference

Thanks are due to another group of fans who volunteered for ground maintenance duties at Adams Park on Sunday.

IMAG0279Another group of fans volunteered for ground maintenance duties at Adams Park on Sunday and like previous sessions their work is making a huge difference to the appearance of our ground.

After much great work had been done during the week by Alan Hodgson with a strimmer (thanks to Ray and any others who helped him) it was down to manual labour today with shears and sickles, rakes and bypass loppers.

Thanks are due to John, John, Alan, Gaynor, Pip, Jenny and Graham, who all worked for several hours under the guidance of Club Director and OWWSA Chairman John Derben, to clear another big area of the steep green bank that goes around the car park. Octogenarian Harold Lunnon was also seen on site cutting down some trees which were obscuring the security cameras.

With more of the same sort of work still to be done, another session will be held in three weeks time on Sunday 13th October from 10am to 4pm. If you can spare even a couple of hours to assist, then please contact John Derben on 01494 441145 or email j.derben [email protected]

The Trust and the Football Club are hugely appreciative of this work done by the fans.


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