Scores Bar Update

DSC01429The next time you are at Adams Park do take a look into the Scores Bar, where you will see that quite a transformation has taken place.

The first stage of the upgrade to this room has now been completed with a number of new panels added to the side walls showing much of the history of Wycombe Wanderers that was previously on display at the Wycombe Museum.

DSC01418The objective has been to create a Wycombe Wanderers ‘club room atmosphere’. But it will not end here – we are also working to bring more items out of store into the other rooms and corridors, but this will come later as we cannot do everything at once.

We have many pictures, pennants, trophies and other items that we want fans to see as they form part of the history of the club.

Recently Gareth went on record as saying  that he wanted to instill a sense of pride in the players for playing at Wycombe. The Trust are also working to make all supporters proud to support a club with a heritage as rich as ours and we hope that this will be a contribution to this.

Following the recent request for suggestions to rename the Scores Bar, the Trust and the Club have received feedback that not everyone who wished to make a suggestion had a proper opportunity, particularly as the process was geared towards the use of social media. Therefore, as we are a Club owned by the Trust, it was felt appropriate that Trust members be asked to contribute to a revised process.

You may feel that a name which reflects the history and heritage of the Club would be appropriate, or you may have an idea for a different theme. All suggestions will be considered.

As well as its matchday use, Scores is open for lunch on weekdays and is a venue for private parties and functions. It was converted into a modern sports bar in 2005 and has recently been renovated to accommodate memorabilia from the Club’s history that had previously been on display at WycombeMuseum – please do visit and take a look.

Details of Scores as a venue can be found at: .


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