Trust Announces Board Changes

Wycombe Wanderers Trust have tonight announced new appointments to the boards of the football club, Frank Adams Legacy Limited and the Trust itself.

JB pic 2 (2)NIgel KingstonIn light of the recent resignations of Don Woodward and David Roberton, both Nigel Kingston (pictured left) and John Bignell (pictured right) have been co-opted on to the Trust board, having previously stood for election at the last AGM in February.

Trust chairman Trevor Stroud has joined the board of the football club along with fellow Trust director Mark Burrell and former club chairman Ivor Beeks.

John Derben, who sits on the Trust board, has also become a director of Frank Adams Legacy Limited, which owns the Adams Park stadium and all heritage aspects of the club including historic memorabilia.

Trevor Stroud said:

“The new board structures are designed to further support the operation of the Trust and its two subsidiaries. They also mark a move towards directors being selected based on their competencies and what they can contribute.

“I am confident that these new structures can continue the progress being made on and off the field, and make Wycombe Wanderers a model for Trust-owned football clubs going forward.”

All appointments have been ratified by the board of Wycombe Wanderers Trust.

The composition of each board is as follows.

Wycombe Wanderers Trust: Trevor Stroud (chairman), John Bignell, Mark Burrell, Alan Cecil, David Cook, John Derben, Garry Heath, Dale Jenkins, Nigel Kingston, James Sumner, Colin Treacher.

Wycombe Wanderers Football Club: Andrew Howard (chairman), Ivor Beeks, Mark Burrell, David Cook, Trevor Stroud.

Frank Adams Legacy Limited: Garry Heath (chairman), Alan Cecil, John Derben.


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