January Trust Board meeting minutes

The Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board recently met for their monthly board meeting.

The recent financial benefit of the two Aston Villa matches were discussed in detail.

Finance Director Mark Burrell also provided an overview of the current financial position.

An update on share scheme numbers was provided. A video has been produced highlighting some of those that have invested, thanking them and encouraging other supporters to do the same.

It was noted that share scheme investment had also helped finance the signing of Michael Harriman from QPR.

The production of a training kit is under consideration where the names of those that have invested are woven into the top.

Further news on next season’s kit will be released shortly, but nothing has been finalised yet.

PALS now have a volunteer agreement policy in place.

Andrew Howard, Chairman of WWFC, provided a recent overview of playing squad performance and current requirements. Around this time the sale of Matt Ingram to QPR and loan signing of ex-player Paris Cowan-Hall were finalised and announced accordingly.

A fans council will be launched in the near future with more details to come.

The Board will meet again in mid-February.


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