Changes to Trust and FALL Boards (UPDATED 25.2.16)

Board Changes 

  • Colin Treacher has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Trust and will also continue as Company Secretary.
  • Garry Heath has resigned from the boards of the Trust and Frank Adams Legacy Limited (FALL) because of his business and other commitments (and for no other reason). Garry contributed very significantly to our fund raising efforts through the Chairboys Funders, which he set up, and through his early work establishing the Share Scheme. I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to Garry for all he did over many years.
  • David Roberton David Roberton (pictured left) has been co-opted to the Trust Board to replace Garry. David, who is well known to many of you as a previous Trust and Club director, received the highest number of votes of the unsuccessful candidates at the last AGM and only missed being elected by two votes.
  • John Derben has been appointed as Chairman of FALL, to replace Garry, and Trust President Karen Adams and Group Treasurer Martyn Broughton have also joined the Board.
  • JB pic 2 (2)UPDATE: John Bignell, (pictured right) who continues to act as Trust Membership Secretary has also joined the Board of Frank Adams Legacy Limited. John will take over responsibility for the memorabilia and artifacts gained by the club over many years. He will be setting up a working party of people  with similar interest and they will report back to the FALL and Trust Boards.
  • The FALL Board is therefore now made up of John Derben, Alan Cecil, Karen Adams, Martyn Broughton and John Bignell.

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