Trust Board Meeting Minutes – February 2016

Last week the Wycombe Wanderers Trust Board met for their monthly board meeting.

It was confirmed that David Roberton would be co-opted onto the Trust board until the next AGM following the resignation of Garry Heath. David’s role will be as our lead representative on the WWSET board.

Our finance director Mark Burrell gave an overview of the work that the Group Finance Committee have been doing.

The unbudgeted income of the Aston Villa FA Cup ties and the sale of Matt Ingram has helped to close the forecasted shortfalls at certain crunch points during the season and during the Summer when the club have no game income.

The monies are being used to fund the forecast shortfalls and give the Group financial stability for the first time, rather than tight, active day-to-day cash management. Our ‘overdraft’ has been repaid and the rest will be used as the Group Finance Committee and the WWFC board decide for funding the balance of this season, the Summer and to get the Group safely financially to the 2016-17 season.

The Group company debts are being constantly reviewed and paid.

On players in the short-term, as Gareth Ainsworth and Richard Dobson have frequently said, they are looking for players but they need to be sure they are the right ones. We are being careful financially and not immediately spending any “windfall” but are taking a safe, long term view.

Match day badges have raised £2,400 so far this season – thank you to everyone who continues to collect them.

In regards to the Share Scheme, 291 members had now pledged £710k of which £365k had been banked.

It was noted that last season we had the 7th highest growth in attendances of the 72 FL clubs and sales of season tickets are 14% ahead of last season.

John Bignall was appointed to the FALL board and will take the lead on memorabilia.

News on the Fans Council will be released imminently, with the first meeting to be held in March 2016.


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