Jordon Ibe Transfer Update

jordon-ibeAfter working for a few months now to secure our sell on share of Jordon’s transfer from Liverpool to Bournemouth, the Club directors are finally making very real progress. 

As we have previously said, we have been limited in the information ‎we can give out because of very stringent confidentiality clauses in the various contracts. 

Whilst this problem remains, we expect to be able to give an update at the AGM on Wednesday 30 November and you have my assurance we will say as much as we possibly can. 

I appreciate the lack of information has been frustrating ‎- it has been frustrating for us as well – but equally I know you wouldn’t have wanted us to do anything that could have jeopardised the Club’s position. 

Updates will be provided shortly after the AGM for those of you unable to attend. 

Trevor Stroud


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