Trust Matters: Monday 3rd September

The following first appeared in Saturday’s Matchday programme – Parklife:

Meet your Trust Board: John Bignell (pictured on right with Simon Garner)

John has been on the Trust board since 2015 in the role of Membership Secretary. He is also a board member of Frank Adams Legacy Ltd where his brief is club memorabilia and artefacts.

He has been on the committee of the WW Ex-Players Association since 2011. In this capacity following the 125th anniversary exhibition at Wycombe Museum he helped organise the movement and installation of the display to the Scores Bar and the subsequent conversion of Scores to Monty’s which was financed by WWEPA.Having spent 28 years in the printing industry John then worked for the National Trust for 15 years. He currently works part time for a private estate in Hampshire. He has previously worked voluntarily for the club in a football secretarial role.

After over 60 years involvement with the club, he watched his first game against the Uganda national team in 1956, John is very happy to be able to offer his experience of the commercial and leisure industries and of working with volunteers to the Trust board, members and the club in general.

Trust General Meeting

There will be a Trust Members General Meeting on Wednesday 12th September 2018, in the Caledonian Suite at Adams Park, starting at 8.00pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to update members on the financial position of the Football Club, to present options, in principle, in terms of the future financial stability of W.W.F.C., and to enable the Trust directors to understand better how members view those options. It is important that members fully understand the financial issues facing us and are involved in any decisions about the future.

I cannot overstress the importance of this meeting, and I would encourage as many members to attend as possible. We are investigating the feasibility of live streaming the evening, so members who are unable to attend in person, can hear what is being said.

The meeting will only be open to Trust members, but supporters can join on the night (or before).

There will be the opportunity to ask questions on any other issue that members may have following the discussions regarding the financial options.

The Caledonian Suite will be open from 6.00 pm and hot food will be available to purchase on the night. We look forward to seeing as many as possible on the night.

BDO Football Finances Report, Some Key Findings

  • 63% dependency on principal shareholder to make up any capital shortfalls 
  • 92% of FL1 owners looking to exit in next 12 months
  • Majority of EFL clubs have been discussing potential investors… fewer far east, increase in USA interest
  • Overall reduction in FL1 financial confidence… we are one of the 15% where finance is “…a cause for concern”
  • 77% reporting pre-Player Sales loss
  • 69% reporting a post Player Trading loss (includes us)
  • 25% of clubs using facilities to get an advance in Season Ticket income 

Trust Directors Sponsor Yves

As a result of Luke O’Nien’s departure to Sunderland, the Trust Directors have switched their shirt sponsorship to Yves Ma-Kalamby.
The cost of this sponsorship is met by the directors themselves and not out of Trust funds.

Why the Trust Matters

Trust ownership has given the Club a level of stability that had been lacking previously. The Trust passionately believes in the preservation of the heritage and history of our Club and seeks to share it with the wider community. The Trust is a volunteer led, democratic organisation which seeks to foster a real sense of ownership amongst the Club’s supporters. The Trust is an ever-changing entity, not constrained by the whims of individual Directors or owners.  All Trust members are equal and anyone of them can be elected or co-opted onto the Trust Board and, from there, onto the Club Board. The Trust’s annual subscription of £10 per annum makes Trust membership accessible to all. If you are not yet a member of the Trust, or if your membership has lapsed, now is a good time to join. Contact John Bignell at

Trust Matters Feedback

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