Comment from Bill Luby and Jim Collis

We are extremely grateful to everyone in the Wycombe Wanderers community who has given us such a warm welcome and education over the past several months.

You have left us in no doubt that the spirit of your community is the driving force behind Wycombe Wanderers FC and is the primary reason you have been on such an extraordinary journey on and off the field since the Trust took over in 2012.

We remain committed to earning your support to become stewards of this unique and special club.

Above all, we want the best outcome for Wycombe Wanderers so we both encouraged and welcomed the Trust’s decision to open up this process.

In our conversations so far, we hope we have shown that it is our desire to work in true partnership with the whole community to help Wycombe Wanderers fulfil its potential in a sustainable way. 

We believe that we have a financial and operational commitment that will enable a bright future for the club but first we feel it is right for all stakeholders and bidders to have had their voice heard before the final vote.

We will be keeping in close contact with the Trust, and the club and look forward to coming back to Wycombe and making our formal presentation in the near future.

Good luck against Plymouth tomorrow!

Bill Luby and Jim Collis


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