Update on Agreement with Rob Couhig

A joint statement from Rob Couhig and Trevor Stroud

After three months of finalising the deal which will enable Feliciana EFL Ltd to take a majority share in Wycombe Wanderers, it was hoped that the situation would conclude this week.

While the bad news is that it will not be finished on our time schedule, it is proceeding reasonably quickly, particularly given the number of parties and agreements that must be completed. In addition to Rob Couhig and his investment vehicle, Feliciana EFL Ltd, there is Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, Wycombe Wanderers Trust, Frank Adams Legacy Limited, various lenders to the club, the owners of the training facility, and, of course, the EFL itself, who are all involved in these discussions. We are both confident that completion will take place fairly soon.

The really good news is that everyone is working cooperatively and no real issues of significance have arisen. While it is possible that it could have been finished in the next several days, we will have to take a small break in our work in order to allow Rob to have his hip replaced.

While he has tried Darius’s diet of mangoes and papaya, his doctor has told him it is time.  In fact, he already delayed the surgery twice in the past two weeks in order to try to complete. It was impossible to put it off again and Rob will undergo surgery on Friday. He promises immediate recovery but science says it’s going to take a couple of weeks.

During this transition phase, we have continued to work collaboratively for the benefit of the club. With the help of the Trust, we were able to sign Darius last Friday. This week, we have worked with Gareth on possible additions to the squad. Importantly, with the assistance of Feliciana, we feel comfortable that our Salary Cap Management Protocol allowance has increased.

Pete has been fully engaged in all aspects of the club’s business and will continue to provide leadership and assistance to everyone involved with the club on and off the pitch.

Everyone remains encouraged and excited. We will let you know as matters proceed.


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