One Can Trust – learn more about the charity we help

As you will have seen, every sale of a face covering mask, a string of Bunting, a ‘Lucky Rosette’ or a Trust Badge has helped our own fundraising but just as importantly it has allowed us to support the club’s charity for this season – One Can Trust.

One Can Trust, based in High Wycombe since 2011, has been serving the town and other parts of South Buckinghamshire, addressing the growing need of food poverty.

You will have seen their collection points not only in many of the major local supermarkets but also set up more recently (and vitally during the Coronavirus pandemic) outside people’s houses. You can also take donations to their warehouse in Duke Street, High Wycombe Tuesday to Thursday between 10am and 12 noon.

For more information go to,uk

To see what we still have on sale providing these donations to One Can Trust click here


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