Support Wycombe Wanderers Trust and get £10 off Blues Merchandise

Wycombe Wanderers Trust is launching a new style membership – to help maintain the fans’ 25% ownership of the Club.

Supporters who sign up for or renew their Trust membership will also get a range of benefits including:

Trust Chair, Nigel Kingston said: “The Trust is the fans’ link to Wycombe Wanderers FC, where they can get their voice heard and genuinely influence the way the Club is run.

“It is vital that the Trust retains its 25% ownership and that we are able to raise sufficient funds to maintain that share, if and when new capital investment in the Club is needed.

“Beyond retaining 100% ownership of Adams Park, our key role is representing the views of supporters and ensuring that fans will continue to have a say in the way the Club is run.

“That is why we would urge everyone to renew or join The Trust today”.

There are now three annual membership categories:

Adult                        £2.50/month or £30 pa

Seniors (65+)          £1.75/month or £21 pa

Juniors (U18)          £10 pa

If you would like to, you can pay more, monthly or annually, to help ‘support the quarter’.

To sign up for or renew your membership, please visit the Trust’s website: click here.

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