Limited time left to renew Trust Membership

Back in September, we published details of our new annual membership scheme New Benefits for Trust Members – Wycombe Wanderers Trust and we would like to thank all those who have paid at the new rate to renew.

We have since tried to contact every member by email (or by post if no email address held) to chase up those who have not renewed or those who continued to pay at the old rate of £5 or £10.

There are a number of special benefits being made available to our members but shortly these will only be granted to those who have paid, or committed to pay, at the new rate.

Therefore, those members from 2019 who have yet to pay anything this year only have until the end of December 2020 to pay their subscription in one of the ways made available.

Those who have paid again at the old rate, need to pay the balance and they will be given until the end of January 2021 to respond before the offer lapses and membership is terminated with loss of all the promoted benefits.

Any member yet to renew, or who needs a little more time to do so, should please look for recent emails from Wycombe Wanderers Trust, its Secretary or Chairman or please contact [email protected] to discuss the matter further.


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