Trust Promotes Women’s Health

At its January meeting, the Trust Board approved a proposal to trial the FREE issue of sanitary products in all the ladies toilets at Adams Park.

With the immediate agreement of the club, this initiative started from the home game on January 29th and we will see how it goes. As a club, Wycombe Wanderers prides itself on being an inclusive and welcoming, with a diverse supporter base. The club endeavours to make sure everyone’s matchday is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, and with this in mind, the Trust has made sanitary products accessible in all female toilets in both the home and away ends.

We will now be working on a campaign to raise awareness of women’s health later in the season with suggestions under consideration for the promotion of regular testing for cancer and getting the views of some ladies who have had cancer experiences they are willing to talk about. Hopefully we can also supply advice line numbers and maybe have a dedicated ‘Pink Day’ to help promote Womens’ Health.

For further information about the initiative, contact the Trust via email.


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