Future ownership & investment: Indicative Vote

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Following the Trust meeting with Rob Couhig on November 9th, the presentation materials and q&a from the meeting were made available to all Trust Members,  and those not present in the room during the meeting were given the opportunity to vote to show support or opposition with respect to the plans as an indication of the feelings of the broader Trust membership.

The total valid votes cast in the room and online were 473
Votes supporting the proposals: 364 (77%)
Votes against the proposals: 74 (16%)
Votes abstaining: 35 (7%)

Reacting to the result, Trust Chair, Nigel Kingston said:  
“This indicative vote demonstrates very strong support for the proposals that Rob Couhig and I outlined at the meeting last week. I am very grateful to Trust members for their backing and we will continue to move forward on the legal documentation of them and of course keep you updated on progress.”


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