GambleAware’s World Cup campaign – Lived Experiences

Ahead of the World Cup, Britain’s leading gambling charity GambleAware will be launching a new campaign on 15th November to ensure football fans can enjoy the World Cup without experiencing the harms that can come from gambling if they get carried away.

The World Cup will be a positive experience for many fans, but the unique moment may also increase gambling harms for sport gamblers, particularly given the timing around the cost-of-living crisis and the pre-Christmas period.

The GambleAware campaign will encourage the public to ‘set a limit’ during the World Cup, as well as raising awareness of specific warning signs to look out for, and encouraging gamblers to seek support if they start to notice these warning signs in themselves or friends and family.

Lived experiences
As part of this campaign, GambleAware would like to provide real-life voices who can speak authentically on the topic of gambling harms and prevention, particularly around the theme of sports/football – to bring the issue to life in a credible way, especially during a time of high temptation in the World Cup.

As part of this, your support would be invaluable to not only raise awareness of the warning signs, but to empower other fans to set a limit during the World Cup and also provide hope and reassurance that help is at hand. 

About your role
There are two main areas where you can make a real difference to this campaign: 

  1. Sharing your personal story: We believe your personal experiences of this topic will resonate and encourage fans to think about their own gambling ahead of the World Cup. If you would be happy to support the campaign launch by taking part in media interviews about your own experiences, GambleAware would provide support and work alongside you in arranging these. These would be likely take place on Tuesday 15th November, or the days either side.

  2. Sharing quotes for use in media: Alternatively, we would be grateful if you could provide a quote for our campaign press release. We could arrange an informal conversation with one of the GambleAware team to chat to you about your story, after which we would write up first-person quotes for your approval.

If this is something you would like to be involved in, please contact the FSA directly via one of their EFL Network Managers, Amanda Jacks.  Her email address is [email protected] and she can then introduce you to the Gamble Aware Team for an initial chat. 


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