Supporters’ Trust finalises new deal to ‘secure financial future’ for Chairboys

Image of document signing

Wycombe Wanderers supporter’s Trust have today announced a new deal with Rob Couhig’s Feliciana EFL Ltd (majority owners of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club) aimed at providing fresh investment, financial security, and sustainability for the Blues.  

Under the new agreement, Feliciana will control 90% of voting shares, with the Trust retaining a 10% shareholding. The deal also ensures that Adams Park remains 100% owned by the supporters, with Feliciana’s current lease on the stadium being replaced by a new 50-year lease.

Feliciana will cover the costs of maintaining the stadium, relaying the new pitch and constructing a new access road. They will also meet all working capital requirements and operating losses of the Club.  Future expansion plans will include expanding the car park, reconstruction of the home terrace, the Origin stand and refurbishment of the Frank Adams stand. As part of the deal, Feliciana will subscribe for 600,000 voting shares converting £600,000 of existing loans into equity.

The outstanding supporters’ Trust loan of £100k to Feliciana is being repaid on completion of the new agreement and the Trust will, in turn, donate this money to the Club, which will be spent on agreed projects that deliver benefits to the fans, such as the refurbishment of the Frank Adams Stand toilet facilities.

The supporters’ Trust will retain two directors on the Football Club Board and will remain holders of the ‘Enshrined Rights Share’, giving them control over things like the club’s colours, memorabilia, and naming of the ground.

Trust Chair, Nigel Kingston said: “This new financial structure ensures the sustainability of the Blues and secures the future of the Football Club.”

“It has been a protracted negotiation and the Trust’s sole aim has been to achieve an agreement that benefits the Club and, of course, the supporters, whom we represent. That is the very purpose of the Trust”.

“I am satisfied that both parties can now move forward with confidence and optimism for the future of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club”

Hear more from Nigel in the video below:


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