WWFC Women – End of Season Report

They say a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, building better strength in depth remained a top priority this season, particularly in transitioning our talented 15 to 18-year-olds into adult football, preparing them for the first team.

A pivotal move last season was moving our U18 team from grassroots county leagues to the Junior Premier League. Here, our players could develop against top talent in their age group and this continued with a new group this season.
Despite having a young squad, U18 Manager Sonny Moore expertly cultivated a group of players who are self-reflective and adept at problem-solving individually and as a team.
The next progression was with the U23 team, who, after a successful season managed by Jaymie Bailey in Tier 7 Division 2, we were successful in our application to get promoted two divisions to Tier 6 Division One North.
This provided the ideal platform to expose our young players to adult football, offering the right level of challenge for their development. Managed by Ian Beckford, they secured a top-three finish this season.

After a season of transition for the first team, recruitment focused on players with league experience to bring authority and stability to the team. New additions such as Chelsea Coles, Ashleigh Hart, and Sarah Davern bolstered our young team’s resilience, resulting in a strong start to the league and cup competitions. Despite improvements, we encountered challenges in key games, drawing too many, 5 this season, highlighting areas for further development. Additional recruits, Axelle Courlander, Mollie Dench, Ellie Hickey, and Emani Kaseem came in with a view to addressing the highlighted areas next season.

We pride ourselves on giving youth a chance and this season several players made breakthroughs into the first team this season. Molly Carter 20 games – Madeline Armstrong 15 games – Krystal Follet 14 games – Erin Patterson 8 games – Jessie Poulter 7 games – Mia Parkin 5 games – Ammara Qureshi 4 games and Milanna Cadore 2 games.

While a top-three finish remained within reach throughout the season, we fell short in crucial moments, ultimately finishing fifth. Nonetheless, this represents a significant improvement from previous seasons.

Looking ahead, we are confident in the players we’ve developed and those we are recruiting to help achieve our ultimate aim of promotion to the National League.
Central to our progress is our partnership with the Wycombe Wanderers Foundation. This amalgamation allows us to leverage their expertise in both business and player development to further our objectives. The Foundation has already demonstrated a keen enthusiasm and determination to drive success for women’s football at Wycombe Wanderers. This should inspire all Wycombe supporters, heralding the prospect of thrilling times ahead.

Written by Carl Simon
Head Coach & 1st Team Manager


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