Another ‘Luke’ Wins the QBC Cash

For the second month in a row, the Quarters Ball Club Draw winner is named Luke. This time it is Luke Antieul whose ball number 50 was the first drawn out of the bag today, winning him £848.

When we called Luke to tell him of his win, he said “That’s incredible and amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever won anything before”. After some thought he told us that some of the money will go on a new shirt in August and maybe a first ever kit for each of his two daughters.

Luke, who now lives in Witney having moved there from Slough, is a long time Trust Member and Season Ticket Holder for his standing place on the terrace.

As the blue ball did not appear, the added bonus rolls over to July, when the total available to a lucky winner will be well over £5800.
To be in that draw, with a chance to be our next winner (even if your name is NOT Luke) please go to The draw is open to all Chairboys fans and you do not need to be a Trust member to enter.

Today’s draw was carried out independently by Maddy Harris, a teacher at Wycombe High School who was recently named as the ‘fittest in Europe’ a story you can read about here:


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