About Us.

The role of the Supporters’ Trust – our vision, values and objectives.

Our role.

The Wycombe Wanderers Supporters’ Trust seeks to protect and enhance the future of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club.

Our vision.

To be a values-driven organisation that seeks to safeguard the heritage and enshrined rights of WWFC, retaining 100% ownership of Adams Park.

Our values.

These are the values by which we will engage with the Club, our supporters and the wider community:

Passion and commitment
Open and honest communication
Involvement in decisions
Respecting and promoting the opinions of our members

Our objectives.

  • Retain ownership of the Adams Park stadium, through Frank Adams Legacy Ltd and ensure that it is not used as security for Club incurred debt.
  • Raise funds in order to ensure WWT is able to retain its 10% share in the Club, its two Directors on the Club board and thus its influence in Club management and decisions.
  • Fundraising will be particularly important so that in any future capital raising for the Club, the Trust has sufficient funds available to pay its part of this and thus ensure no further dilution of our shareholding takes place.
  • Develop a close, open and honest relationship with the majority shareholders, through regular meetings, to ensure we both understand each other’s objectives and motivations.
  • Hold monthly Trust board meetings that are open to all Trust members to attend.
  • The Supporters’ Trust board will consult with, represent and support the membership, updating activities regularly to the membership, the wider WWFC fanbase and the wider community.

Click here to read the rules of the Wycombe Wanderers Trust (a Community Benefit Society) 2022

  • Work with WWFC to market and promote a positive image of Wycombe Wanderers in order to increase the fan base and income and improve the matchday experience for fans.
    To build the membership of WWST, particularly among the under-24 generation, so as to ensure the growth and continuity of WWT.
  • Work closely with Wycombe Wanderers Foundation (formerly known as WWSET) to promote and expand the reach of Wycombe Wanderers into the community.

Meet The Board

The people behind the trust…

Bob Massie

TV, media, communications

Board Member Since

Supporters’ Trust Chair, ‘Trust In The Blues’ YouTube show, 
Communications,  Fundraising, Commercial

Jonathan Workman

Marketing, Sales and General Management

Board Member Since

Trust Vice Chairman
Future Strategy

Tony Hector

Banker (Retired)

Board Member Since

WWFC Director, Trust Secretary, Trust Rules Review

Trevor Stroud

Former Sales Director

Board Member Since

WWFC Director

Alan Cecil

Banker (Retired)

Board Member Since

FALL Director,
Finance/ Banking,
Website and Social Media

Ben Dunlop, a Trust Director

Ben Dunlop

Consultant: Engineering & Transport

Board Member Since


Nigel Kingston

Managing Director (Retired)

Board Member Since