General Meeting Questions and Answers from Tuesday 10 June 2014

wwfc 1The following covers questions asked during the Football Club Q&A, following the break. Questions relating to the Trust resolution on the Share Scheme will be covered in the meeting minutes, which have been sent to Trust Members. 

General Issues – answered by Don Woodward 

Q: Can you provide an update on the Bristol Rovers issue?

A: Our view is there is no case to answer. The FA and FL are both running enquiries and we are waiting for their judgements.

Q: Do these enquiries involve any players other than Matt Phillips?

A: No.

Q: Have you incurred any legal costs in dealing with this?

A: No.

Q: Will you avoid future changes to kick off times without consultation, e.g. on Boxing Day?

A: Following discussions regarding Sky, we think a televised match at 3pm on Boxing Day is unlikely in future and therefore this particular issue is unlikely to arise again.

Q: How are season ticket sales progressing?

A: We have sold around 1500, which is on par with this stage last year.

Q: Will the volunteer activity continue now that John Derben is no longer on the Board?

A: Yes, John is still managing this work and we are very grateful to him for the great job he is doing.

Commercial Issues – answered by Andrew Howard

Q: Can we make better use of the facilities here at Adams Park to generate revenue?

A: Yes, AP is a great facility and is underused. A key focus will be match days and Wasps match days. There is some work to do to put our ‘house in order’ to develop non match day income.

Q: Will food and beverage be improved?

A: Yes, changes will be made and a questionnaire will be circulated to seek feedback.

Q: How do you plan to increase revenues to the figures in the presentation?

A: We will make changes that are right for the Club and seek your feedback, as above. On match days, it is critical to ensure the offer is right and represents good value, including for away fans. For our sponsors, we must give them real access to sell and not just the opportunity to erect a sign.

Q: The Northampton and Bristol Rovers matches demonstrated there are additional fans to be attracted back to matches. Will you be looking to build attendances?

A: Yes, we will have a plan around a clear marketing message that targets specific matches. 

Team Issues – answered by David Roberton

Q: Are we looking to re-sign Stuart Beavon?

A: We have enquired about a loan deal, but this looks unlikely and would probably be too expensive.

Q: Do you expect Anthony Stewart and Junior Morias to sign new deals?

A: We cannot be certain at this time, but in any case we are looking at alternatives. We have three specific targets and if we can sign two of these three, we will be very pleased. A left back is a priority to allow Sam Wood to play further forward. We will also use the loan market, although these deals tend to happen nearer to the start of the season.

Q: With our playing budget being cut, what do you anticipate will be our league position?

A: Higher than last year! We will have a smaller squad and injury prevention and fewer suspensions will be important. We are though very confident that Gareth will deliver a much better season, with his own increased experience and the opportunity to shape his own squad.

Q: Are you recruiting a new first team physio?

A: Yes, at the moment.


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