Mark Burrell steps down from Club and Trust Boards

Mark Burrell has taken the decision to step down from his positions as a Director on the boards of both Wycombe Wanderers Football Club and Wycombe Wanderers Trust, effective from October 8th.

Burrell joined the Trust Board having been elected by Trust members in February 2015, and joined the Football Club Board in June 2015 to work with then-Chairman Andrew Howard and Trevor Stroud to improve the operations and financial stability of the club.

Taking on the role as Group Finance Director, Mark played a pivotal role in significantly developing the financial management of the Football Club and Trust, including the day-to-day needs of the club’s working capital cashflow and strategic long-term needs in terms of funding further success and development on and off the pitch.

However, Mark feels the time is right for him to pass on the responsibility of governing the finances in order to focus his efforts on to his own business.

He said: “Being part of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club has been an amazing experience since 2015, getting to understand the detail and brutal reality of what it takes to run and fund the club, especially with the confined finances associated with being a fan-owned club.”

“I have given so much time and effort to work with others to change the club and make significant progress towards off-field financial survival and stability.”

“However, that work has come at a cost to my business and it is now right for others to take the Group finances and investment opportunities forward. I’m pleased to have played my part in delivering these opportunities at the recent Trust Members meeting  and now others will take the plans forward as a team.”

“I owe this to my business, my clients and my family as there has to be a limit to how much individuals can do as an unpaid volunteer.  I am looking forward to being able to watch Wycombe Wanderers as a fan again as we strive to make a success of our first season back in League 1.”

Chairman Trevor Stroud said: “The finances have come from a complex and extremely challenging position to a point now where we have a clear understanding, for which we owe a great deal to Mark and I’d like to place on record our sincere gratitude for the expertise and dedication he has brought to both boards.”

“Mark’s contributions have enabled us to present an attractive proposition to potential investors who may be able to take the club forward, and we thank him for everything he’s done and wish him every success and happiness for the future.”

“We will review the requirements of both boards over the coming weeks with a view to welcoming new ideas and expertise, but in the meantime, we are pleased that Martyn Broughton – who is Group Treasurer for the Trust and club – will be helping to cover Mark’s role until a long-term appointment is made.”


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