Trust members invited to attend Trust Board meetings – starting this month

Dear Trust Member,

You may be aware that the Trust Board have decided in future that Trust Members will be invited to attend Trust Board meetings. The objective of these meetings to make the Trust more transparent and help to make sure we represent your views. The first of these open style meetings will be held on Thursday February 27th in the Caledonian Suite starting at 7.00 pm.

Who can attend? – all paid up Trust members.

What is the format? – the Board meeting will follow a pre agreed agenda. This will be published on the Trust website, on 25th February. The board will discuss the agenda and Trust members will be able to listen to this discussion, but not take part in it. Any confidential issues will be taken by the Board outside this meeting.

There will be a 30-minute section at the end where members can put questions to the Board. If possible, these questions will be answered on the night, but it may be necessary to seek further information to fully answer a question and then come back to the member later.

It will not be possible to take questions on the playing side of the Football Club.

How long will it last? – It is planned to last approximately one hour, but certainly no longer than 90 minutes.

Will the bar be open? – Yes, it will. Doors will open from 6pm. Food will not be available. The bar will close 30 minutes after the meeting concludes

Will all Future meetings be Open ones? – Yes, the intention is to follow this format in the future.

Can I submit a question in advance to be asked on my behalf? – Yes, please send your question to me at [email protected] and I’ll make sure it is asked in the Q&A session.

I hope you all received the communication from Trevor Stroud, confirming that the deal with Feliciana Ltd to take 75% ownership of the Football Club is expected to complete by Friday 21st February. This marks a new chapter in the Club’s history, where the Trust will be a 25% shareholder, as opposed to the full owner of the Club. Just to make sure that everyone is clear, the Adams Park stadium remains 100% owned by the Trust, through FALL and is rented to the Club on a full repairing lease. We will spend a short time at the above meeting reviewing this deal so hopefully that will help resolve any queries members still have. There will be a Trust finance presentation by Martyn Broughton at the March Board meeting.

I look forward to welcoming you at the first of these open style meetings on the 27th February.


Nigel Kingston

Trust Chairman Elect.

Planned Dates of Future Meetings, for your diary:

26.3.20; 30.4.20; 28.5.20. 25.6.20; 30.7.20; 27.8.20. 24.9.20; 29.10.20; 26.11.20; 17.12.20.


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