Membership Renewals are underway

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It’s renewals season at the Trust, and for the fourth year in succession the cost of membership is frozen. We are also offering new members paying annually a 25% discount on thier first year,  and working to help members who may be struggling to renew due to hardship remain part of the Trust. 

Existing Trust Members have been sent an email outlining what to do if this affects them.

To join the Trust, start by entering your details here

As a member of Wycombe Wanderers Trust, you:

  • ‘have a voice’ and a line to the main board, through Trust and Club Directors. The more members we have, the stronger and more persuasive our voice.
  • enable the Trust to be the Voice of the Fans, – the Trust will put members queries and concerns to the Club and get answers for members
  • own the Adams Park stadium (through Frank Adams Legacy Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of the Trust). This guarantees there will be football in Wycombe Wanderers colours at Adams Park. The stadium is leased to the Football Club, which gives us a guaranteed income
  • own 10% of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, Feliciana owns the remaining 90%
  • can stand for election to the Trust Board (when aged 16 and over)
  • can attend all Trust Board meetings (in person or via Zoom)
  • hold one ordinary share in the Trust and can vote on resolutions at general meetings and at the AGM
  • can, if a Legacy Trust Member, (Trust members who are in at least their 4th consecutive season of being a fully paid or subscription model season ticket holder) vote on key issues such as:

a) any decision regarding the ownership of Adams Park by Frank Adams Legacy Limited, including any decision to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of assets held by Frank Adams Legacy Limited;

b) any decision to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of Club memorabilia

c) such other decisions (relating to the history and character of the Club) as the board of directors of the Trust may reasonably determine from time to time.

  • will assist in the Trust building up funds to invest in the Football Club when required. Currently both the QBC draw and Trust auctions contribute to this
  • can help the Trust support the running of Wycombe Wanderers FC Womens teams
  • can help the Trust support the Disabled Supporters Association in making Adams Park more accessible and suitable for all. The DSA is affiliated to the Trust.

We look forward to a successful season on and off the pitch, and thank you for your continued support!


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