WWST Members Portal Launches

The Trust is pleased to announce that our new members portal, designed to improve communication between the Supporters Trust and members is now live and open for all members to claim their membership.

The portal can be accessed using the members portal link at the top of the trust website but to register members must use a specific link which has been emailed to your registered email address this morning (sender: [email protected])

Please contact [email protected] should you need help claiming your membership – there are several reasons you might need to do this:

  • You didn’t recieve the email
  • The Trust doesn’t have email details for you
  • You share an email with someone else (i.e. 2 trust members, 1 email address)


As well as improving communication between Supporters Trust and members, the new portal allows for communication between members, sharing of private information, meeting registration, and more. Look out for more details on these features in the months to come.


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